Thursday, 27 July 2017 11:30

[EXPIRED] Innovative Postdoc in Microstructure Imaging

The Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR) at Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre (Denmark) is seeking an Innovative Postdoc in Microstructure Imaging

Basic research in microstructure and plasticity imaging is centered around the newly installed 7T Bruker BioSpec MRI system fully equipped with powerful gradients and a cryo-coil system. The varity of RF coils enables imaging of small tissue or phantom samples to the whole brain ex vivo or in vivo rodents combined with optogenetic brain stimulation. The preclinical labs are fully equipped with e.g. electrophysiology facilities. Our cross-disciplinary research team is designing and validating new types of diffusion MRI and quantitative MRI imaging technologies to non-invasively disentangle microstructural features, today only seen under the microscope. Here, it is key to have a true interest in what the microanatomy of the normal and diseased brain can look like with MRI. It is our vision to improve the future non-invasive imaging technologies for better patient diagnosis.

The project has been supported by The Capital Region Research Foundation. The aim is to investigate the potential of the world strongest 3D nano-scope, namely the newly installed MAXIV synchrotron in Lund Sweden and its application to preclinical research.  

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