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Five projects are announced for students at the Medicine and Technology education at the Danish Technical University. The projects are open to other interested students too.A presentation was prepared to give an overview. More detailed project descriptions can be found along with other interesting projects at the  Medicine and Technology project homepage. 
An advanced course in clinical MRI is offered January 26th-29th 2009 at Hvidovre Hospital close to the Center of Copenhagen. The course is organized by Chief MD, DMSc Per Åkeson and MSc PhD Karam Sidaros in collaboration with the Danish Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (DSMMR) . The course is given in Scandinavian (mostly Danish) as reflected in the announcement below available in PDF . Detailed program Dansk Selskab for Medicinsk Magnetisk Resonans, DSMMR ,  har fornøjelsen af at annoncere følgende kursus DSMMR Klinisk MR kursus (avanceret) Hvidovre Hospital 26–29. januar 2009  Målgruppe: Læger, radiografer og fysikere Sted: Hvidovre Hospital , Uddannelsesbygningen, Auditorium 1Detaljeret program Kurset har følgende indhold: MR-fysik og -teknik Hjerteskanning MR mamma Mandligt bækken Avanceret abdomen og kvindeligt bækken Øre, næse, hals Diffusion, perfusion MRS hjerne (spektroskopi) fMRI (funktionel MRI) Føtal MR Neonatal og pediatrisk MR cerebrum EpilepsiBruskSafety update Ud over den foredragsbaserede MR undervisning indeholder…
On October 22nd 2008,  M.Sc. Eng. Tim Dyrby succesfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled"Modelling Brain Tissue Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging" The work was performed at the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance and at DTU Informatics at the Danish Technical University. The comitee consisted ofDr. Jean-Baptiste Poline from the Neurospin Imaging Centre in Paris. Dr. Hans Stødkilde-Jørgensen from the MR Research Centre, Skejby Hospital in Århus.Dr. Ole Winther, DTU Informatics from the DanishTechnical University in Lyngby (chairman).The main supervisor was Proressor Lars Kai Hansen .
A new article entitled "Is Quantum Mechanics necessary for understanding Magnetic Resonance?" is published in Concepts in Magnetic Resonance part A. It concludes that many popular presentations of the magnetic resonance phenomenon are rooted in misinterpretations of Quantum Mechanics. In particular, there is little basis for the typical non-intuitive claim that spins align parallel or anti-parallel to an applied magnetic field.
Det er muligt at aftjene sin værnepligt på MR-afdelingen, som er opført på Militærnægteradministrationens (MAs) liste over udstationeringssteder. Derved har du mulighed for at få spændende og nyttige erfaringer ud af din værnepligtstid.
   DRCMR annual report 2007 is now available in PDF files optimised for screen an printing. The report provides an overview of the research and clinical activities. 
Animation recorded with the Bloch Simulator showing how resonant radiowaves that push (as shown by the red bar) the magnetization (white) in synchrony with the natural precession can rotate it away from equilibrium. Free educational MRI sofware version 3.1 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Easy to install and use. The software is described in RadioGraphics (Reviewer1: "Very nicely done...". Reviewer2: " greatly during classroom presentations of MRI basics and applications..."). Version 3.1 offers much improved visualization of magnetic resonance phenomena via support for an add-on, open-source OpenGL viewer that exploit the capabilities of modern 3D graphics cards. Click for info, example animations and download.
On June 16th 2008 Thomas Z. Ramsøy succesfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Age-effects on the functional architecture of the human medial temporal lobe". Congratulations.Evaluation committee: Associate professor, chief physician, Ph.D. Steen Hasselbalch; Professor, Ph.D. Lars Nyberg, Sweden and Professor, Ph.D. Kenneth Hugdahl, Norway. Supervisors were Professor Olaf B. Paulson and Professor Terry Jernigan, Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance, Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre. Enrollment: Department of Neurology, Psychiatry and Sensory Science.  
On the 21st of November 2007 Mark Schram Christensen succesfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Investigations of movement perception and visual perception with functional neuroimaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation". Congratulations.Evaluation committee:Kurt Jørgensen, Deparment of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen (Chairman)John Rothwell, University College LondonChris Miall, University of BirminghamThesis:The thesis can be read at the Library at the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Nørre Allé 51, København N or pdf-copy by reqest on e-mail:
On October 4th MD Kirsten Korsholm succesfully defended her PhD thesis "Functional and Structural MRI in Optic Neuritis".
Research assistant Martin Skov has together with Thomas Wiben Jensen edited a new book "Følelser og Kognition" on emotions and cognition. In a recent program in the Danish National Radio's show Orientering Martin appeared and explained how important emotions are when making political decision. 
Research assistant Martin Skov has together with Thomas Wiben Jensen edited a new book "Følelser og Kognition". In a recent program in the Danish National Radio's show Orientering Martin appeared and explained how important emotions are when making political decision. 
On April 30th 2007, Katja Krabbe succesfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "MR Investigations in Parkisonism". Congratulations!
On March 28th 2007, Elizabeth Kalowska succesfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Cerebral Blood Flow in Patients with Stroke-in-Progression". Congratulations!
DRCMR proudly presents the Annual report for 2006 giving an overview of clinical and research activities. PDF format optimised for screen (1.1 MB) and printing (32 MB).Link to more annual reports
A collaboration between DRCMR, the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences and the Department of Neurobiology and Pharmacology (University of Copenhagen) has proven fruitful. Whilst investigating the neural mechanisms underlying movement perception, a group of researchers (Mark Schram Christensen, Jesper Lundbye-Jensen, Svend Sparre Geertsen, Tue Hvass Petersen, Olaf B. Paulson and Jens Bo Nielsen) made an interesting discovery. We already know that whenever we move, signals from our muscles, tendons and joints provide information about the movement to our brains. However, when this information flow is blocked, activation of the somatosensory cortex is preserved and actually shows an increased interaction with the premotor cortex. This suggests that the brain compensates for the absence by self-inducing the activation which it expects to be present in the somatosensory cortex when the body moves. The work has been published in Nature Neuroscience.
Professor Maurice Ptito has been granted "Fondsbørsvekselerer Henry Hansen og Hustru Karla Hansens" prestigious research prize of half a million Danish kroner. It is awarded for Dr. Ptitos work on visual perception via the tongue.
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