Key Projects

The seven key projects of DRCMR 


BaSiCs (Biophysically adjusted State-informed Cortex stimulation) is a collaboration with the Danish Technical University (DTU) and is supported by a synergy grant from Novo Nordisk Foundation (2015-2018).



The Control of Actions - ContAct

In our everyday life, we need to flexibly adjust our actions to the challenges imposed by our environment, our internal state and last but not least the social context a situation is embedded in.

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A project on optimizing the use of European brain imaging cohorts – Healthy minds for 0-100 years.



Early Life Determinants of Midlife Mental Development and Brain Structure (LifeMabs)

LifeMabs is a midlife assessment of cognition, personality, social functioning and MRI of participants with unique information from the pre- and perinatal life period, childhood, young adulthood and midlife.




Physical Activity as Intervention for Age-Related Loss of Muscle Mass and Brain Structure and Function: the LISA study. 

LISA: a randomized Controlled Trial of the effects of 1-year resistance exercise on muscle power, strength, and mass, functional ability, mental well-being, cognitive function, and brain morphology in retirement-age individuals. 




The Danish 22q11 Research Initiative

The 22q11 deletion as an at-high risk model for neurodevelopmental disorders such as schizophrenia and autism: Uncovering the neurobiological underpinnings. 

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The Omnisam (Omnibus Satiety Metric) is a multimodal metric for predicting the satieting effects of real foods and drinks.