DRCMR offers plenty of opportunities for master students to do projects here

How to make your master's thesis at DRCMR

If you are interested in writing your master’s thesis at DRCMR, the first step is to investigate the different types of research conducted here. This webpage can be used to obtain a quick overview of the different research topics, and if you find one, which corresponds to your field of interest, initiate a correspondence with the relevant research group. If you are unsure about your options, you can always write an email to Karam Sidaros, where you describe your background and your interests regarding DRCMR, and he will kindly redirect you to the relevant research groups. During the past, plenty of people studying medicine, psychology and engineering and sometimes biochemistry and pharmacy etc. have done their theses here, and they have all produced results at a high scientific level. 

My Experience


Astrid Margareta Elisabet Engberg, 26, is an enginering student at the Technical University of Denmark. During the fall of 2015 Astrid did her masters thesis at the DRCMR.

I have recently finished my master's thesis on multivariate modeling of variability in multi-subject fMRI data. For the past five years, I have been studying Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and I was therefore interested in computational modeling and analysis of neuroimaging data. I wanted to use advanced machine learning methods for the application of MRI data, which combines mathematical models and clinical challenges. I have been very happy with my work here, and the skills I have obtained by collaborating with my highly qualified supervisors have given me a great and robust foundation for either entering a job in industry or obtaining an academic career.

By writing your thesis here you become part of a large international research environment, which is both inspiring and educational. The department consists of students and researchers from all over the world, which are all bound together by a common passion for MR research. This means that there is always someone to brainstorm and discuss with, as well as a warm and enjoyable atmosphere and last but not least it is worth mentioning that there is cake at least once a week.



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