Tuesday, 20 April 2010 21:59

New scanners at the DRCMR

April 20th 2010,  "Basse" delivered two new scanners for the DRCMR at Hvidovre Hospital.


The new scanners, a Siemens 3T Verio and a 1.5T Avanto,  replace two old scanners that have served countless patients and research projects well for 16 years! A lot has happened in the meantime technology-wise and the exchange was badly needed.

The new scanners supplement the other scanners of the department very well (a 3T Trio and a 4.7T Varian experimental system).

In case you are wondering: "Basse" is the largest Danish mobile krane weighing 96 tons. In comparison, the weight of a scanner is very modest (6 tons dangling at the end of the cable in the picture), but since Hvidovre Hospital is fairly large and flat, only "Basse" could move the scanners to the designated place.